Sports law is a rapidly evolving area with significant growth in the UAE aligned with legal and regulatory challenges. Our team has been advising clients in the sports industry for many years both in the UAE and UK and also serve as advisors and negotiators for athletes,  coaches, trainers, managers, sponsors, media teams and sports federations.  We seek to balance sport and the commercial interests that arise. Professionally drafted agreements are vital to protect parties interests.

We are involved in a variety of sports law disciplines, including:

  1. Arbitration Proceedings
  2. Advertising Agreements
  3. Sponsorship Agreements
  4. Management and Agent Contracts
  5. Television and New Media Rights and Broadcast Agreements
  6. Image rights
  7. Company set-ups
  8. Employment matters
  9. Joint Ventures and Acquisitions
  10. Transfer negotiations
  11. Intellectual property
  12. Anti-competition

Internationally we have worked with premiership footballs clubs in medico legal investigations and redundancy issues, presenting findings and solutions to Executive Boards. We have also been involved in transfers in the German football market and work with athletes in various jurisdictions.

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